Ca’ Bon Gallery in Motovun, Istria
Ranko Bon  


Cave Art Now

Permanent exhibition at Ca’ Bon Gallery in Motovun, Istria

Artist’s Statement: I am interested in the links between geometric patterns that appeared in Paleolithic cave paintings about thirty-thousand years ago and the roots of modern painting, and especially its pure or abstract wing. According to the recent research into altered states of consciousness, geometric patterns found in caves appear in the inner eye in first stages of trance. They are known as entoptic forms and are most likely related to shamanistic practices. As the brain of Homo sapiens sapiens has not changed for about hundred-thousand years, these forms can be experienced today by inducing trance. Virtually identical forms appear first in the work of the Symbolists, and then in the work of Mondrian, Malevich, and Kandinsky. My boards are based on cave art, my own experiments with trance, and the work of my modernist precursors. I am concerned with continuity rather than originality.

Medium: Pine boards 30 by 43 cm painted on both sides in acrylic and displayed on 6 cm-wide pine battens to cover walls, rooms, or buildings of any size

Price: Two or more boards at €5,000 per board

Book: Cave Art Now: Shamanism and Geometric Art (2003), which contains some 50,000 words linking cave art and contemporary art, is currently available in electronic form (click here for a PDF file)

Writings about cave art and its relevance today can be found in Ranko Bon’s Residua on World Wide Web ( — the site is searchable

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